miércoles, 15 de noviembre de 2017

Juegos online para motivar al alumnado

Online games can be great fun! They are not part of the project's activities but you can use them indirectly to practise the language as well as 'force' them to go through the materials published in order to play the games and do well!

To enhance competition (but also to show that pupils actually played the games) you need to create a Forum for the games and then create threads, one for each game. There the students are encouraged to write down the scores of their games! They all love playing and they get into the competitive spirit!!!

Jigsawplanet is a webtool for creating jigsaw puzzles! Here is a jigsaw puzzle that all students can do! Younger students play an easier version (few pieces) and discover the image (which could be their partner's classroom or images of their school!!!). The time you need to complete the puzzle is given and you know your final 'score'! 
So do the puzzle and write your time in the Forum thread here!

Learningapps is a great web tool that allows us to create a variety of games!
Here is a game like hangman and the pupils read the text and try to find the missing words! It can be very simple and very complicated! Play the game! Have you found the words? Easily? Write your impressions in the Forum thread here!
Quizlet is a very good tool that allows us to create sets of words with their definitions or images and then we can add them in Twinspace as games! Below you can find a game with countries and their capitals and it's a great game to play once a project begins so that the pupils can learn their new partners' countries and their capital cities! So match the countries with the capitals and do it fast!!!! Then write your score in the Forum thread here

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