viernes, 17 de noviembre de 2017

Herramientas para favorecer la comunicación

Some useful web2.0 tools that encourage communication are:

Smore ( an easy way to create a web page for an event, idea, whatever you like to communicate to others; includes useful templates for events, classes, news alerts, more.

Piktochart ( : a free infographic-creation tool to communicate events, ideas, graphic results. ( another fantastic infographic-creation tool.

Pixiclip ( a free tool lets users record writing/drawing, images, audio, and webcam

Parade ( a tool to create beautiful, scrolling digital stories using images and text.

Thinglink Edu ( a tool to create interactive images/maps/graphics with embedded content; Edu version offers free student accounts with no email required

Visme ( a free tool for creating/sharing web pages or slide show presentations online

Author: Angeliki Kougiourouki 
Last editor: Angeliki Kougiourouki

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