miércoles, 13 de junio de 2018

Nuevas herramientas para tu clase

There are an increasing number of interesting tools out there which can help us manage our classrooms. In this section, we would like to provide an overview of some examples and invite you to share others which you are aware of, especially those that exist in your country and in your language. To start out, Daniela, one of our mentors, highlights two tools she uses to manage her classroom. Check out the video below and the links to the tools:

Of course, there are many other tools out there, increasingly also those that not only help you to manage your classroom at school, but online. The first example is one of the largest learning management systems used by schools in the English-speaking world – Edmodo. It offers you a range of features helping you to organise and manage classroom activities both on- and offline. You might have access to similar tools which are provided to teachers at national level and are customised for the national conditions and curricula. However, if you don’t, then check out Edmodo, as it is now available in quite a few languages and free of charge.
For a quick introduction on how to get started with Edmodo, take a look at the video below:
Another tool, one more geared towards situations where all your students have their own device, is Google Classroom. If you or your students already use some of the Google tools, then this is worth checking out. For a quick intro to the tool, see below:

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